Thursday, March 12, 2015



Futures For Standardbreds was incorporated with the State of Maine as an independent, non-profit organization in February 2014, and received federal IRS 501(c) (3) tax exempt status in September 2014. In compliance with those governing bodies, we set out to raise funds necessary for achieving our goal of saving Standardbred horses from being disposed of when they are no longer able to race. The horses must be sound enough for retraining and placement in responsible homes for enjoyment in a variety of pleasure disciplines.
In our first two years, our treasury has grown through private and public donations, fundraising events, and the sale of plants and Christmas wreaths. Foster care of our Standardbreds in training is costly and includes not only food and shelter, but also health care, and endless hours of chores. This work is voluntary or provided at a much- appreciated discounted rate. In the hope of spreading the word and gaining ongoing support, we now have an official logo, information brochure, Facebook page, Web site, business cards, and bumper stickers.
In two years, FFS retrained and placed a total of EIGHT horses in good homes! We are delighted that these Standardbreds now have bright futures with happy owners and we are proud of the hard work, time, and efforts that have paid off with the best possible result.
Thank you to all who have supported us and spread the word to help these horses. If you are the owner of a Standardbred no longer able to race, please consider placing your horse in our program and contact us at

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


2015 saw record sales of our horse head wreaths. Word of mouth from past years, flyers posted locally, ads on Facebook and this Web site reached more customers than ever. Sales at Long Horn Horse and Pet Supply in Buxton, ME boosted our income and even added more due to their generous donation for each wreath sold. This is a work intensive endeavor, but also a labor of love, because all proceeds go directly back into our program for the horses. Our biggest fundraiser of the year was a huge success thanks to a lot of people who share our concern for Standardbreds in need! We're already gathering supplies for next year...